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Liminal Publishing's website is currently under development, but we wanted to get the Call for Submissions posted as soon as possible because the deadline for submissions for our first poetry anthology, I Don't Cry Anymore, is March 31, 2020. 

Poetry Call for Submissions

I Don’t Cry Anymore is a poetry anthology to be published in Fall 2020 that seeks to illuminate the multifaceted reach and life-altering devastation of sexual trauma on survivors and to highlight the emotional depth and nuanced complexity of the survivor’s courageous journey toward healing. Emerging and established poets who are sexual-trauma survivors are invited to examine all aspects of their sexual trauma and their survivor story and share their truth to shine a much-needed light of compassionate clarity on this timely but misunderstood topic.

Submission Guidelines

General Information:  We encourage both emerging and established poets who are sexual-trauma survivors to submit up to three (3) original, previously unpublished poems that tell their unique stories. We cannot accept work that has been published elsewhere in print or online. Contributors whose work is accepted may choose to publish their poem(s) anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Formatting:  Your poetry must be single-spaced in 12-point serif type (such as Times New Roman) with your name, address, telephone number and email address appearing at the top of each manuscript. Please submit each poem as its own document; in other words, if you submit three poems, you would attach three separate files. Manuscripts must be in Word format (either doc or docx). Please do not submit pdf files.

Length and Type:  The maximum length for a poem is 70 lines. Poems may be any poetic form, but the form should lend itself to the poem’s message.

Simultaneous Submissions:  We gladly accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you email us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Please write “Poem Accepted Elsewhere” in the subject line and address it to Be sure to include your name and the name of the poem(s) accepted.

Response Time:  We are a small group of volunteer editors, so please give us up to two weeks to confirm that we have received your submission. We will contact the poets whose work is accepted by July 31, 2020.

Payment and Rights:  Liminal Publishing, the nonprofit publisher of I Don’t Cry Anymore, is a newly formed 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation that operates solely on donations and (hopefully someday) grants. Payment to contributors will be two (2) copies of I Don’t Cry Anymore. Liminal Publishing will be acquiring anthology rights for print and digital editions.

Editorial Collaboration:  It is rumored the sublime Joan Didion’s manuscripts required no editing. We don’t know if this is true; we do know that everyone who has ever been published has been edited by a team of experienced, thoughtful professionals whose life’s work is worrying about parallelism, comma splices, and non sequiturs, among other things. Contributors whose work is accepted will be asked to work with our dedicated team of editors regarding any editorial changes to their poems. Any editorial suggestions are made to strengthen the poem by clarifying its message.

Flo Oy Wong conceptualized this anthology and is co-editor along with Ann Muto, Cupertino Poet Laureate (2016-2017), and Kathy Skaggs, editor and book publisher.

How to Submit:  We accept submissions only through our dedicated email: There is no fee to submit.

Deadline for Submissions: March 31, 2020

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